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Welcome to MMAC

Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club (MMAC) is an adult swim club in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada training in the Pan Am Pool.Masters is a successful blend of recreational and fitness swimming for adults. Masters swimming is based on regular training sessions using training techniques similar to those used in swim programs all over the world, including flexibility, strength, and aerobic conditioning.

Registration is open 

2024/2025 Rates, Registration & Payment Instructions

Table Calendar
Practice Schedule 

Welcome to 2024/2025 swim season!  We have practices every day of the week. Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle...and we'll see you at the pool! 

Meet our coaches

MMAC employs experienced swim coaches. Read their biographies and learn about them more.


Summer Schedule start on July 2, 2024, please check the calendar before practice 


Please Read Before Registering

MMAC is not a learn to swim program.

If you are considering joining MMAC, please consider the following criteria for membership:

  1. Must be 18 years and older.

  2. Must be able to swim 200 M front crawl unassisted with no floatation devices.

Be able to swim breast stroke and back stroke.  The ability to swim butterfly is helpful as workouts include this stroke.

Week of Free Swimming

Want to see what MMAC is all about? Come and join us for a "get-acquainted" trial period; you can swim for one week, free of charge. You don't have to pay to get into the PanAm either. We'd be pleased to meet you and show you what a difference swimming can make in your life!

If you are interested, please email us at


Silicone Swim Caps Available!

Get a quality MMAC logo silicone swim cap for $12!
Caps are available for purchase in the MMAC deck box.

Open Positions

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