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Practice Schedule 


Welcome to the 2023-2024 swim season!


  • We have practices every day of the week. Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle! 

  • We do not swim on statutory holidays.

  • The schedule below is general; for up-to-date information, including changes and cancellations please check MMAC Calendar.


Practice cancellations:


  • Occasionally, there will be cancellations due to special events at Pan Am Pool. Our practices are in the Training Tank; you can check this link to confirm in advance if the Training tank is open during a particular special event. 

  • The MMAC Calendar is updated as soon as the Club receives official communication from Pan Am Pool; sometimes we receive a very short notice.

  • An automatic email notification is sent for each practice cancellation.

  • Some email providers (ie Yahoo) treat MMAC notification emails as spam. You may have to use an alternative email address (ie, or to solve this problem.

Summer Schedule 
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