2018/2019 Rates, Registration & Payment Instructions


NOTE: The swim calendar year is from September 1st to August 31st. For this reason, annual Early Bird and Full Registration options are only available in September/October and fees can not be prorated.

If you join AFTER September/October (after Full Year and Early Bird options are no longer available), you can choose the Installment payment or the Monthly payment options. Please note that we do not pro-rate fees within a month - the whole month fee must be paid if you join anytime within the month. Installment payments can only be paid Sept. 1, Jan 1 and May1.

First payment includes $40 MSM fee

Swim 1x per week Swim 2x per week Swim 3x+ per week
Early bird registration for full year - payment received prior to Oct 1 - No longer available $243 $441 $516
Full year registration - paid Oct 1 through Aug 31 - No longer available $274 $502 $573
Installment payments - due on Sep 1,   Jan 1 and May 1 $125/$85/$85 $210/$170/$170 $246/$206/$206
Monthly payments - due on the 1st of each month $67 first payment

$27 following monthly payments
$94 first payment

$54 following monthly payments
$107 first payment

$67 following monthly payments

Intro To Masters: $106 payment includes $40 MSM fee - No longer available

Please see our website for program dates and details


Registration and Payment

Please complete the registration form listed below and submit payments via your bank e-Transfer process. Instructions are provided below for both steps of the process.

BE ADVISED: Your registration submission is your acceptance of the health waiver posted at the top of the registration form.

Step 1. Complete the Online Registration Form

Step 2. Payment