The Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club employs experienced swim coaches.

Please see bios below to learn more about our coaches and the times they are doing workouts.



Coach coordinator, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Morning Coach

Stephanie was an age group swimmer in Eastern Ontario from 1996 to 2004 and became an active member of MMAC in 2009. She currently serves as the volunteer coach coordinator, a substitute coach and a member of the board. Stephanie has been coaching and teaching swimming for various clubs and programs since 2001. As an athlete her favourite workouts and races are sprints, especially the starts and turns. As a coach she likes to keep variety in her workouts, of distances and strokes and is always available and willing to provide feedback. She would like to encourage all members to try racing in at least one masters' swim meet before deciding if it is for them or not.


Sunday Morning

Chelsea was a competitive swimmer with the Manitoba Marlins. She is also a triathlete and has coached with the Marlins and with Triathlon Manitoba. Chelsea is Triathlon Manitoba's Coach of the Year for 2014.


Tuesday and Thursday Evening Coach

Cheryl has been involved in water sports her whole life. She was an age group swimmer with the St. James Seals until she was 16. After leaving age group swimming, Cheryl became involved in water polo, playing for her high school team and the provincial junior team and later recreationally.

Cheryl has been involved in masters swimming for over 25 years as a swimmer, competitor, and volunteer.  She has served on the MMAC board for over 10 years, including club president.   Most recently, Cheryl ventured into coaching and finds it both challenging and rewarding!!

My goal is to provide interesting and challenging practices while providing tips on how to swim better.   I truly believe swimming is one of the best all round workouts for your body, mind and soul.

Swim long and prosper!



Intro to Masters Swimming

Dave is an ex-varsity and Masters swimmer who has competed in local, provincial, national, and international Master’s swim meets. Dave has been coaching since 1999.

Dave, originally from Montreal, trained and competed with McGill University Varsity Swim Club and with McGill University Master’s Swim Club. Through over 10 years of Masters swimming, Dave has competed in numerous local, provincial, national, and international (Japan, 1986; Australia, 1988) swim meets. Dave has been Head Coach for a Special Olympics Swim team since 1999, and has been a Coach with Manitoba Masters Aquatic Swim Club since 2000.

He also has his NCCP Level 2 Swim Coach certification and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba.



Friday morning coach

Jason learned to swim as an adult after dumping in a canoe in a northern lake. He believes research and coaching techniques derived from advanced speed swimming can help masters athletes become fast, fit and efficient. Progressive skill development through thoughtful attention to drills is the key to gaining skill - but it's really hard work!

Jason's coaching goal is the same no matter what the age and skill level: strong, confident, and smiling swimmers.

One of Jason's specialties is having swimmers use fins to help develop that "fish-like" feel for the water. Everyone's invited to join in the fun at the "Fin Friday" workout.


Tuesday Morning Coach


Saturday morning coach

As an NCCP level 2 swim coach and ex Ironman, Ken has been coaching with MMAC since 1987. He uses a variety of swimming stroke drills to reinforce good technique.

Ken motivates his swimmers by inserting surprises like “Vertical Kicking” into practices. Ken says researching new swim sets is a fun way to spend Friday evenings.